Activation Products are claiming that O##### A#### contains a Patent Pending variety of phytoplankton called Nannochloropsis galasemis. No variety or species of algae exists by that name. However, the growers in Spain who supply Activation Products have admitted to investigators that the algae containing super oxide dismutase (SOD) is really called Tetraselmis chuii, and not Nannochloropsis galasemis, which is a name that Activation Products invented in order to deceive their customers... 

Any plant that has naturally evolved over millions of years - e.g. marine phytoplankton - can only be Patented if it has been altered or re-engineered in some way to produce a completely new species. No Marine algae that is known to science contains significant levels of SOD unless of course it has been tampered with: in other words it would best be described as 'FrankenPlankton'! In any event, there is no realistic possibility that Tetraselmis chuii could provide any meaningful amounts of human compatible SOD or even capable of being absorbed by human cells (see further comment below).

..."There is no form of SOD (super oxide dismutase) available to the public that will raise levels of SOD in the cells. It is much too early to recommend any use of SOD as an oral supplement, although it may have applications in specific medical treatments" .... "SOD supplements are sold in oral form, but consumers should be aware that oral SOD products are completely destroyed in the gut".


Quote: Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier.


SOD: Health food claims (medical references for this quote are available from


Several reports have described an association between free radicals and aging. One researcher suggested that lifespans could be increased by 5 to 10 years by reducing body weight and increasing the levels of free-radical scavengers such as ascorbic acid, selenium and alpha-tocopherol. Some data indicate that longer-lived animal species have a higher internal degree of protection against free radicals.


Based on such reports, some health food manufacturers have promoted products containing SOD as a nutritional supplement. These oral supplements have been said to remove wrinkles and age lines, slow the aging process, and give a longer, healthier life....


... However, there is no published data to support these claims. SOD is a labile (meaning susceptible to alteration or destruction) enzyme that is rapidly degraded by gastric acids when ingested. It is essentially unabsorbed after oral administration even when enteric coated, and confers no pharmacologic activity when taken orally. While many foods (red meats, vegetables) are rich in SOD, their SOD is degraded when ingested and is rendered enzymatically inactive. The inactivity of oral SOD supplementation has been confirmed by at least one team that examined the effect of an oral SOD supplement on tissue SOD levels in mice. The animals received a diet containing 0.004% SOD, equivalent to 10 times the “recommended” intake for humans. No differences were found in the levels (activity) of two forms of SOD in tissue or blood between the control and treated groups. Additionally, the analysis of 12 brands of SOD tablets purchased from health food stores indicated that one product contained zero activity and ten contained less than 20% of the labeled activity claim. In addition to that, plant or animal derived SOD is completely different to Human SOD (at least three forms of Human SOD have been identified to date). SOD found naturally in Humans is manufactured internally from a complex of other compounds, therefore Ian Clarks' assertions on SOD are unfounded and completely bogus!